Little Monster Detectives and Senior Detective Screen (Inglés)

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Little Monster Detectives with Senior Detective Screen (Inglés)

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This is no ordinary book. There are monsters inside! Yes, you got that right. Monsters exist and live with us. But don’t be afraid, they aren’t bad… at least not entirely. Have you ever noticed that you might be missing socks or that you hear strange noises in the dead of night? You aren’t absent-minded nor do the pipelines make noises. They’re the Monsters of Darkness! But don’t panic because there are brave detectives whose job is to catch them so they will stop bothering you. They are none other than the Monster Detectives.

Game Master’s Screen for Little Monster Detectives. The perfect companion for the Senior Detective. Three panel Game Master’s screen. The kids can use the book while you have all you need at a simple glance. 3 panels for a total size of 245 x 170 mm.


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