Due to the requests received, we have decided to create this last opportunity for those who did not arrive on time to the campaign on Kickstarter. Here you can buy Pletrix and get access to the Pledge Manager that will be held in June / July.

PLETRIX is a game of 2 to 6 players, with a Roll & Write dynamic. The goal is to fill the 5 panels of our board using the figures obtained in the dice. The player who gets the highest score will be the winner.

In this Roll & Write you´ll be always part of the game, either as an active player or as a passive one. In order to get the highest possible score, you´ll have to optimize your play to the maximum.

Make a good roll, choose well your dice, use the wildcards at the right time and specially, don´t take your eyes off your rivals! Only thus you´ll be able to achieve victory.


We are board game lovers. For some time now, we have been selling games through our website “«. Now, as creatives, we’d like to expand Trúquilis into the publishing world. For this, we’ve chosen PLETRIX Roll&Write as our first project.

We know it’s not an easy path, but we’ve already spent more than a year’s worth of work and the game is totally finished and tested. Besides, we are working with the best ones: Sulker in design and illustration, Cartamundi in production and, hopefully, Fulfillment Europe, VR Distribution, and Quartermaster Logistics for shipments

The only one missing is you.